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Serving your Vishu Sadhya


  • The traditional Vishu Sadhya serving style involves placing the banana leaf with the tapered side facing left.
    The meal starts with serving upperi and sarkara varatti on the left side of the banana leaf.
    Side dishes are placed on the top portion of the leaf, while rice is placed on the lower half.
    The feast begins with a serving of Parippu curry, rice, and ghee.
    According to, sturdier dishes like koottukari and thoran are placed in the upper half of the banana leaf, while runnier dishes like rasam, sambar, and payasam are placed in the lower half.
    Condiments and items eaten in small portions are placed at the narrower end on the left, with more substantial items placed closer to the wider right and bottom for easy right-hand eating.



Vishu is one of the major festivals of Kerala and some of its neighbouring regions. It marks the beginning of the Malayalam New Year. Vishu marks the spring equinox, celebrate an abundant harvest and is also believed to be the day when Krishna killed demon Narkasura. Vishu is brings in new hopes and aspirations. Vishu is also a day of feasting with the Sadhya being a highlight. A Sadhya is a banquet served during festivals and family celebrations. It contains sweet, salty, sour and bitter items and can have anywhere above 12 dishes with some of them having 100+ items. Just Kerala's Vishu Sadhya contains 26 delectable dishes. Read on to understand how the Vishu Sadhya should be arranged.

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